Mountain Environmental currently works with many different waste products, liquids and solids, on a year round basis. We develop land application programs and provide services in the following areas:

Program Development: Mountain Environmental can identify what is “good” and what is “bad” about a waste residue. Then we can work with regulators to develop a land application, answering the various questions that need to be addressed.

Permitting/ Paperwork: Each state, county, and local unit of government has its own unique paperwork requirements and Mountain Environmental can meet those requirements as needed.

Marketing of Products: Each product has its own value. Have their own needs for the product. Mountain Environmental matches the values of each product with the appropriate end user. 

Scheduling: Mountain Environmental is able to coordinate the schedule of the generator and the end user. We do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. We offer our services 7 days per week, year round; whenever the need may be. 

Loading: We can load liquids or solids. We have numerous pumps and mixers to handle liquids. For solid material we have loaders, backhoes, or draglines. Depending on job specifications we can match the right equipment to the right job. 

Hauling: Mountain Environmental hauls products in a safe and efficient manner to the designated and predetermined location, using either tankers or end dumps.

Reporting: Mountain Environmental keeps detailed records to report to the various regulators as required. We also provides all the information to the end users and generators as need.

Consulting: Mountain Environmental can provide professional advice and give logical solutions to problems that arise. We can identify problems and come up with solutions to any land application program.



Marketing of Products






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